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5 star review for painting contractor

Dear Bill,

Your superior workmanship has energized us to rethink, reinvest and renew our house.   It has generated excitement  for us as we celebrate 30 years here - this weekend!

We appreciate how quickly you got to us in the first place and then surprised us with more availability.

THANK you!  I love it.  Jennie


5 star review for painting contractor

Dear Bill and company,
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! You and your crew did everything you said you would do. You were here when you said and cleaned up each one of the the 10 days you were here. You made sure there wasn't a spot missed or that needed touched up.

When we got back from vacation, all our nearby neighbors let us know how hard you all had worked the 5 days that we were gone.

If someone is looking for a responsible and quality crew, they cannot do better than Bill's Painting.


Linda Wilbers


5 star review for painting contractor

 Hi, Bill!

“If the words punctual, meticulous, professional, hard-working, relational, respectful and pleasant describe what you could only dream of in a painter, you need to call Bill’s Painting. I met Bill a few years ago when he painted the exterior trim of my aunt and uncle’s home. It still looks great. Bill and his crew just finished the interior of my home and were a joy to work with. They exceeded my expectations to the point that I’ve already asked them to come back and paint my garage and screened porch...soon! 

I (obviously) recommend them highly.” 

Nan Brown


5 star review for painting contractor

To whom it may concern,

Bill Lepp dba “Bill’s Painting” has painted for me many times over the past 15 years. He has painted the interiors and exteriors of my house and my business multiple times.

In each instance he has promptly arrived in a bit of a job as contracted. As you are probably aware getting a subcontractor to show up is often in our deal!

Bills craftsmanship is far superior to any painting crew we've used.


Joel R. Koch

5 star review for painting contractor

To whom it may concern,

I have known Bill Lipp for 15 years. The first job he did for my wife and I was fifteen years ago, when he clean the gutters on our garage and three story house in Clifton. He has clean the gutters each year since then. He has completely painted the outside of my house twice. Sadly my wife passed away a little over 3 years ago. The last two years Bill painted the whole inside of my house, all 14 rooms and the basement. He did each room and hallway in different color. He work is impeccable. All his work is done free hand in his line are all straight. My guests are always commenting on how beautiful my house is painted, both inside and outside.

I have found that Bill does what he says he's going to do and he does it within his projected time frame. He is easy to work with. With big jobs, I pay him weekly. His bills are always explained and accurate. If all contractors were as easy to work with Bill, getting jobs done would be a pleasure rather than the fight they sometimes are.

I highly recommend bill for any painting or contracting job that he says he can do.


Loen A. Meyer


5 star review for painting contractor

Dear Bill,

Thank you very much for the recent donation of four full days of yore in Sean's labor and material to repair walls and paint the stairwells, for years, children's Welcome Center areas, back hallways, service office door jambs and the for your ceilings at Eagle's Landing.

As Easter is just a few weeks away, I had really wanted these items to be completed but knew with funds limited wish would be unmet, until you called! You have made big smiles!

On behalf of pastor Clardy and the deacons board, we are so very grateful that you have used your talents for the house of the Lord. We pray that the Lord will, as evidenced by your servant's heart, make His face to shine on you, provide and protect your family and reward you openly in His life and the one to come.

To comply with the tax law, we are confirming that you did not receive any goods or services in connection with or in exchange for your gift.

We deeply appreciate your generous gift in the service of God's kingdom as you have sought to strengthen the work of Princeton Pike Church of God. Thanks again for your generous support.

Living, Learning, and Loving the World,

Jerry D. Townsley